About us

When father and son duo Steve Vaney and Stevie Cozens combined their love for antique furniture and people in 2012, 3 Chairs was born. With 25 years experience in furniture restoration and cabinet making we provide an excellent service in a handy location in central Wellington.

3 Chairs is located at 6 Riddiford Street Newtown in Wellington, in a charming setting where customers feel comfortable to come in and chat about pieces, prices and restoration options. We believe our pieces really need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

We also believe that what unites collectors is our common pursuit of a piece of the past, finding that particular object that excites our aesthetic and indulges our historical curiosities.

For this reason we research our pieces as much as possible and always consider how we can best maintain their overall integrity.

Our intention is to restore antiques to full functioning order, preserve history and culture, and help others to appreciate and partake in the joyfulness and pleasure that collecting can bring.


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